Bambooty Easy Nights

  • £11.99

    Bambooty Easy Nights

    • Unique design
    • Easy to use all in one, modern cloth nappy
    • Fold out absorbency for fast drying times
    • Stain resistant suede cloth lined nappies keeps baby feeling dry or place a bamboo flap on top for natural fibres next to the skin
    • 4 flaps of absorbency made from heavy duty bamboo/organic cotton, and microfibre make this nappy easy to customise for boys, girls and tummy sleepers
    • Elasticised wriggle guards keep absorbency flaps in place and give a double layer of protection from leaks


  • These nappies come in 3 sizes, (Medium, Large and X-Large) please refer to our size chart for guidance
  • - if in doubt, we recommend upsizing due to the trim fit of these nappies - upsizing will allow for extra space for boosting if required for super heavy wetters over night.

    If you have a heavy wetter, boosters may be purchased to increase the time these nappies last for.


    Size Weight
    Small Up to 5.5kg
    Medium 4.5kg - 11.5kg
    Large 10.5kg - 17kg
    Extra Large 11.5kg - 22kg
    One Size 2.5kg - 22kg

    Size Small easy nappies have 2 rows of snaps for a snug fit on new born legs. Use the lower row for a smaller fit, either folding over the top or keeping it up for tummy time.

    New Extra Large night nappies are designed as a high rise nappy for older toddlers and children at night time.

    Note: Please keep in mind -

    • These charts are provided as a guide only.
    • Bambooty’s easy nappies are designed to be a trim fit.

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