Instalment Plan

Here at Natural Nappies, we are well aware of the rising costs of providing for a new baby. Our aim is to make reusable nappies more accessible to everyone, helping to reduce the number of disposables going into landfill. Buying a whole set of nappies in one go is not always financially possible, which is where we come in. We will pay the starting costs for you at no extra cost and you pay us back over 4 monthly instalments. This instalment plan can only be applied to specific multipacks and is currently available in very limited numbers each month. We hope to be able to offer more of them as our business grows. Regretfully, we cannot offer payment over more than 4 instalments due to legal constraints.

All our multipacks eligible for the instalment plan can be found here.

Instalment Plan Terms and Conditions 

  • If you elect to pay via an available Instalment Plan Option, the full payment price will be charged in 4 instalments. The first payment (plus any applicable shipping and tax on the total purchase price), will be charged to the payment account you selected on the purchase date. Thereafter, your account will be charged each month for the 3 following consecutive months with 0% APR and no interest charged from Natural Nappies.
  • Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your account each month to pay the required sum of the instalment plan. It is an unpleasant experience for all parties if we have to chase up unpaid payments.
  • Products purchased via the payment plan are not eligible for any special offers or discounts.
  • We reserve the right to accelerate payments by making a demand of immediate payment of all instalments payable under this purchase contract if you are in default on the performance of any of your obligations under this purchase contract, including your obligations to make monthly instalment payments when due. If Natural Nappies does elect to accelerate payments, you understand that you will be obligated to pay the sum of the unpaid portion of the original price of the product on the date purchased.
  • In the event of default and regardless of whether Natural Nappies accelerates the maturity of the payment obligations as provided above, you agree that Natural Nappies shall have the right to charge you interest from that date calculated upon the amount legally owed by you under this purchase contract at an annual rate of interest which is the highest rate allowed by law. If you are in default of any payments you are additionally obliged, at Natural Nappies' request, to return any components of the package immediately.