Confused? Cloth Nappies Unravelled

Reusable nappies come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and materials. Choosing the type of nappy that is right for your child and circumstances can be quite confusing. Here we give an overview of the different types of nappy on the market so that you can hopefully decide which one(s) you would like to try.


All-In-One Nappies

All-In-Ones (AIOs) are by far the simplest type of nappy to use in terms of speed and convenience. They are the most similar to a disposable, where the whole nappy is sewn together to create a single item. They are not the most absorbent nor do they perform the best on containing the inevitable poo explosions, however new types come onto the market fairly regularly and they are improving. It is often possible to ‘boost’ an all-in-one nappy with extra inserts to make them more absorbant. Examples of an all-in-one nappy are the Bambino Miosolo, and the Bambooty Easy Onesize.


All-In-Two Nappies

All-in-two nappies are similar in design to the all-in-ones, but with the added step of inserting (and removing) the absorbent part (known as the insert) of the nappy before and after use. These inserts can usually either be snapped into place using poppers or simply placed inside the outer shell or wrap. Being able to remove the insert and pop in a clean one means that the outer shell of the nappy can be re-used straight away if it is not soiled. Removing the inserts also speeds up drying time, a massive bonus in wet weather when they cannot be line dried. Examples of an all-in-two nappy are the Close Parent Pop-In and the Bambooty Basics.


Pocket Nappies

Pocket nappies also have removable inserts which are placed inside a pocket sown into the outer part of the nappy. This type of nappy is very versatile when it comes to absorbency, you can stuff the pocket with as many or few inserts or boosters as the occasion requires. The outer part cannot be re-used as with the all-in-two nappy but they still have the advantage of a speedy drying time. An example of a pocket nappy is the Fuzzibunz Onesize Elite.


Fitteds and Wraps

Also known as two-parters, fitted nappies are by far the most absorbent type of nappy, the entire nappy is absorbent, not just an insert. For this reason, they are most commonly used at night, when there can be many hours between changes. They must be used with a waterproof wrap over the top which can be re-used straight away if not soiled. Although more time consuming to put on and quite bulky, they are the best for containment, with the wrap providing a second line of defence. Fitted nappies do take a very long time to dry so if using them for both day and night you will need to purchase more of them than you would for a faster drying nappy. An example of a fitted nappy is the Bambinex Bamboo Stretch.


Material Types

The three most common materials used to create the absorbent part of a nappy are cotton, bamboo and microfibre. As a general consensus, the more absorbent a nappy is, the longer it takes to dry. Bamboo is the most absorbent out of these, followed by cotton and lastly microfibre.