Charlie Banana Onesize Grab Box

  • £41.95

Charlie Banana Onesize Grab Box

Pack of 3 including 3 x Charlie Banana One Size Nappies, and 6 Microfibre Inserts.

Charlie Banana One Size nappies offer a two-in-one nappy system, allowing you to use them as a fully reusable nappy or as a disposable nappy.

Charlie Banana OS nappies feature a unique sizing system and are adjustable to fit from newborn through to potty training by adjusting the bra-strap style fittings at the legs of the nappy. These can be pulled tight for  small babies and gradually lengthened as your baby grows. The system has numbered elastic settings tucked away inside the nappy’s fleecy lining to provide comfort for the baby.

Each nappy has a waterproof outer, a soft fleecy liner and comes with 2 absorbent boosters. These can be inserted inside the back pocket to increase or decrease the nappy’s absorbency. Additional boosters can be added should you need them, for periods such as long car journeys or night time use.

For occasions when disposable nappies can offer more convenience, a disposable insert can be placed on the nappy and disposed of when finished, making Charlie Banana One Size nappies perfect for any time or place.

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